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Old Video of Educational Demonstration From Malaysia, Falsely Linked To Palestinians: Fact-Check 

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There is a video circulating that purports to show a group of young men acting dead in the ongoing fighting between Israel and Hamas. Verified...
Fact CheckWorld

These Two Dead Bodies Of Teenagers Are Not From Gaza But Syria, Here Is The Truth: Fact-Check 

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It has been claimed that a sensitive photo showing the lifeless bodies of two youngsters shows Israeli violence against Palestinians in Gaza. @SuppressedNws tweeted “NO ONE...
Fact CheckSulaiman AhmedWorld

Yemeni Fisherman’s Dead Body From Red Sea Falsely Circulated as Israeli Brutality Against Palestinian: Fact-Check 

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A sensitive photograph of a dead person being dragged has been spread, claiming to show Israeli brutality against Palestinians in Gaza. Verified accounts on twitter, including @PALMENA_IC tweeted...
Fact CheckSulaiman Ahmed

Undercover Israeli Troops Raided a Hospital in the West Bank to Detain Terrorist Azzam Shalalda in 2015, False Claims Resurfaced: Fact-Check

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It was projected that the IDF had carried an offensive strike on Palestinians based on a screenshot of a media outlet, which shows Israeli soldiers raiding a...
Dr. Sam YoussefFact Check

Israel-Palestine Conflict — Old Visuals From A Documentary Movie “Infiltrators,” 2012, Circulated With False Claims: Fact-Check

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A recent video from Gaza has gone viral, showing a boy supplying bread through a hole in the wall. The video purports to show that an...
Fact CheckMegh Updates

Israel-Palestine Conflict- Lebanese Short Film Scene Went Viral as Palestinians ‘Faking Injuries’: Fact-Check

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A video of a young girl claiming to be a Palestinian girl faking injuries in #Pallywood has gone viral. Verified accounts on twitter, including @Sanatani_Kiran...
Fact Check

Israel-Palestine Conflict- Old Video Shows Man Dancing While Wearing Thawb Resurfaced With False Claims: Fact-Check

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A video purporting to show a Man Dancing while Wearing a dishdasha or thawb has gone viral. It suggests that Bin Salman wants to keep...
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