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Yemeni Fisherman’s Dead Body From Red Sea Falsely Circulated as Israeli Brutality Against Palestinian: Fact-Check 

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A sensitive photograph of a dead person being dragged has been spread, claiming to show Israeli brutality against Palestinians in Gaza. Verified accounts on twitter, including @PALMENA_IC tweeted...
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Israel-Palestine Conflict — Old Video Of “MV Modern Express” Vessel Lost Stability Resurfaced With False Claims: Fact-Check 

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A video of an unbalanced ship in heavy water has been shared, with claims that Yemen recently targeted this ship. @AlthaniSuhaim made the same claim...
Dr. Sam YoussefFact CheckWajid khan

Old Images Of Maersk Honam Container Ship From Arabian Sea Circulated With False Claims: Fact-Check 

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An old photo of a burning ship has been circulated with the false claim that a Yemeni anti-ship missile struck a ship belongong to the Israeli-linked Maersk...
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Israel-Palestine Conflict – Old Image Of X-Press Pearl Cargo-Ship From Sri Lanka Resurfaced With False Claims: Fact-Check 

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There are false claims circulating about an image showing the Yemeni Armed Forces Navy engaging in a military operation against a container ship that was...
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Israel-Palestine Conflict- Taliban Said If Israel Doesn’t Stop killing Palestinians, Then Get Ready To Face The Consequences? Fact-Check

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The Taliban recently released a statement in which they said that Israel must prepare to face the consequences if it does not stop killing Palestinians. This...
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