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Azzat AlsaleemFact Check

Israel-Palestine Conflict— Video Of Children killed at the Nuseirat Refugee Camp in Israeli Bombing Falsely Linked To Pallywood: Fact-Check 

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A sensitive video purporting to be of Pallywood and not real dead people but dolls making the rounds. @AzzatAlsaalem tweeted “The Pali propaganda with fake babies!” and...
Azzat AlsaleemFact CheckIzlamic Terrorist

Israel-Palestine Conflict — Video of Moroccan Film Actor and Director Karim Doniazalle Circulated as Pallywood: Fact-Check

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It has been claimed that a video purporting to be of Pallywood from Gaza features hospital workers carrying a man who appears to be injured....
Fact CheckMegh Updates

Israel-Palestine Conflict- Lebanese Short Film Scene Went Viral as Palestinians ‘Faking Injuries’: Fact-Check

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A video of a young girl claiming to be a Palestinian girl faking injuries in #Pallywood has gone viral. Verified accounts on twitter, including @Sanatani_Kiran...
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