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Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh — Two Lower Caste Individuals Brutally Beaten Up For Entering a Temple? Fact-Check 

According to a video that has gone viral and depicts a group of people fighting, two Shudra persons were severely beaten by miscreants for going into a temple in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Verified accounts on twitter, including @iamAKstalin tweeted “Moradabad (UP): Bullies tortured two Shudra people after entering the temple…!! Brother, why do you go to their temples at all when they do not accept you as Hindus???” on March 30, 2024. The tweet has received an about 37.3k views on X.

Several other accounts, including @KavitaWrites, @ramchouhan5770, @AsianDigest, @pankajm22214907 made the same claim that two Shudra people were beaten up by miscreants for entering a temple in Uttar Pradesh.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

The truth is that these assertions are unfounded and fraudulent. The incident happened on March 25, 2024, after two sevadars who were working on the temple grounds got into a verbal argument with bikers about an accident. The situation was quickly resolved, but later the bikers—along with about twenty to twenty-five other people—came to the temple and beat the sevadars. Hate crimes based on caste are unrelated to it. After the case was filed, action is being taken.

The official account of @moradabadpolice tweeted “The Majhola Police Station arrested the accused of assault. #MoradabadPolice #UPPInNews #UPPolice” on March 29, 2024.

We visited bhaskar, which published an article on this incident with the headline “Sevadars entered the temple and were beaten with sticks: There was a dispute over a bike collision near Mata Mandir in Moradabad.”.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Propagandists are circulating false claims to set their narrative based on caste. A video that shows a group of people involved in a fight has been shared, claiming that 2 Shudra individuals were brutally beaten up by miscreants for entering a temple in Moradabad, UP. The truth is that these accusations are false and unfounded. The incident occurred on March 25, 2024, when two servants (Sevadar) working on temple premises got into a verbal altercation with bikers over the accident. The matter was quickly resolved, but after a while, the bikers, along with 20-25 people, arrived at the temple and thrashed the sevadars inside. It has nothing to do with caste-related hate crimes. The case has been filed, and action is being taken.


Fact : The fact is that these claims are fake and baseless. The incident occurred on 25 March 2024 when two servants (Sevadar) working on temple premises got involved in a verbal altercation with bikers over the accident, instantly the matter was pacified, but after some time, the bikers, along with 20-25 people, came to the temple, and thrashed the sevadars inside the temple. It has nothing to do with caste-based hate crime. The case has been registered, and action is being taken.

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