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Siddharthnagar, UP— Priest breaks Ganesha idol, implicates Muslim men, influencers circulate misleading claims: Fact Check

Images of broken idols have surfaced on social media platforms with communal claims. The images showing destroyed Ganesha’s idol lying on the ground have been...
Fact Check

General Elections 2024— BJP Workers Beat Up Dalits in Kaushambi, UP Because They Voted Against The BJP? Fact-Check

Editor D-Intent Data
A short video purporting to show BJP workers abusing Dalits in Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh, because they voted against the party in the current “General Elections lections...
Fact CheckMediaMorph

Digitally Altered Video Of Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Predicts PM Modi’s Win, Circulated With False Claims: Fact-Check

Editor D-Intent Data
Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress party, is heard in a digitally modified video stating that Narendra Modi would become India’s prime minister on...
Fact CheckTheMuslim786

Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh — 11-Year-old kidnapped and Gang-raped, Propagandists Circulate Communal Claims: Fact-Check 

Three Hindu men are accused of kidnapping and gang raping an 11-year-old Muslim girl in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, according to a graphic and sensitive video of...
Ashok SwainFact CheckHate Detector

Shamli, Uttar Pradesh — Video Of a Biker Brutally Attacked By a Group of Men Circulated With Communal Claims: Fact-Check 

Editor D-Intent Data
By emphasising the victim’s religious identification, a sensitive video depicting a group of people beating up a biker with sticks has gone viral and is...
Fact CheckManish Kumar

Amethi, Uttar Pradesh — Old Video Of Minor Brutally Beaten up On The Suspicion of Theft, Resurfaced With Casteist Claims: Fact-Check 

Editor D-Intent Data
The false allegation that an 8-year-old girl from a different caste was beaten up by Hindus for drinking water inside a temple without permission has...
Al FarisFact CheckSulaiman Ahmed

Siddharthnagar, Uttar Pradesh — Old Video Of a Couple Being Attacked, Resurfaced With Communal Claims: Fact-Check 

Editor D-Intent Data
The victims’ religious identities are highlighted in a disturbing and sensitive video that has gone viral, portraying the group of people beating up a couple on...
Crime Reports IndiaFact Check

Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh — Two Lower Caste Individuals Brutally Beaten Up For Entering a Temple? Fact-Check 

Editor D-Intent Data
According to a video that has gone viral and depicts a group of people fighting, two Shudra persons were severely beaten by miscreants for going...
Fact CheckThe Saviour

Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh — Old Video Of Villagers Beating Up a Thief Resurfaced With False Claims: Fact-Check 

Editor D-Intent Data
Sensitive footage of a group of people hitting a helpless man with sticks has been circulated, and some individuals have misrepresented it as a hate crime...
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