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Muslim Man Sultan Shaikh Shot Dead His Hindu Fiancée Shubhalagna and Injured Her Parents In Howrah? Fact-Check 

A picture of a man and woman is making the rounds, purporting to show that in Howrah, West Bengal, a Muslim man by the name of Sultan Shaikh shot and killed his Hindu fiancée Shubhalagna then injured her parents after they discovered about the false Hindu identity. 

@ssaratht tweeted “#LoveJihaad is real” on May 12, 2024. The tweet has received an about more than 2.5k views on X.

Several other accounts, including @AzzatAlsaalem and few other propagandists also made the same claim that a Muslim man named Sultan Shaikh shot murdered his Hindu fiancée Shubhalagna and harmed her parents after they discovered fake Hindu identity in Howrah, West Bengal. The archive can be read from above.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

The image is based on an old incident from Bhopal in which a man named Rohit held an actress captive in an apartment for almost over 12 hours to marry her in 2018. So, the claim that a photograph of a man and woman is circulating, saying that a Muslim guy named Sultan Shaikh killed his Hindu fiancée Shubhalagna and harmed her parents after they discovered his fake Hindu identity in Howrah, West Bengal is not true at all. We visited abplive, which published an article on this incident with the headline “Bhopal: Crazy lover imprisoned the girl in the flat, attacked the police with scissors who came to rescue her.” A mad lover has imprisoned a girl in his flat in Bhopal. This young man named Rohit wants to marry the girl. When the police tried to enter inside to rescue the girl, he attacked her with scissors. The boy is talking from inside through video calling. Till now the police have failed to enter that flat. This incident happened in Bhopal’s Misrod neighbourhood. It is said that the insane lover does not have a normal mental state. Based on the data that has been gathered thus far, the boy resides in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. The boy in question is a journalism student and does modelling in Bombay. With the hope of getting her to model and work in films, the girl was brought to Mumbai. The girl returned after realising the reality. The girl was abducted on February 27 of this year as well. He had similarly broken into the house on February 28 with a machete and kidnapped the girl. After the youngster was rescued by the police, a case was opened against him. For more clarification, we also went to jagran, which wrote about this on July 13, 2018 with the heading “Crazy lover held model hostage in room for 12 hours at gunpoint”. It added “There was chaos in Fortune Divine City of Misrod in the city around 7 in the morning. A mad lover breached the security of the covered campus and entered the house of a retired BSNL officer and held his daughter hostage at gunpoint. The surprising thing is that the girl’s parents did not even know about it. Here, the police freed the girl from the clutches of the accused after 12 hours.” naidunia wrote about this in an article published on July 14, 2018 with the headline “Model Mortgage Case: Father Evicted Young Man From The Property 15 Days In Advance”. The model had been kidnapped by Rohit in Misrod, and the family was furious with him for it. When Lodha visited his home in May to attend his sister’s wedding, he even physically attacked her and made demands for money. This infuriated his father Reshampal, who kicked him out of the house. Following the legal procedure, notify the police station as well. Just two days prior, Rohit had travelled to Bhopal from here.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Influencers are circulating old images with false claims to set their narrative based on religion. An image of a man and woman is being circulated claiming that a Muslim man named Sultan Shaikh shot dead his Hindu fiancée Shubhalagna and injured her parents because they found out about his false Hindu identity, in Howrah, West Bengal. The image relates to an earlier incident from Bhopal in which a man named Rohit held an actress captive in a flat for more than 12 hours in order to marry her in 2018.


Fact : Fact is that the image is related to an old incident from Bhopal where a man named Rohit held an actress hostage for over 12 hours in an apartment to marry her in 2018.

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