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Exposing Misleading Claims of Cow Vigilantes Attack
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Exposing Misleading Claims of Cow Vigilantes Attack

In today’s digital age, social media plays a significant role in disseminating information. However, not all content shared on these platforms is reliable or accurate. Misleading tweets, images, and videos can often go viral, spreading false narratives and contributing to social tensions. In this blog, we will dive into a recent incident involving a viral video that claimed Bajrang Dal activists and cow vigilantes attacked two Muslim men on suspicion of cow slaughtering. We will explore the facts behind the incident and shed light on the diligent fact-checking carried out by D-Intent Data to assess the misleading tweets and shares.

The Incident:

On July 1st, a video started circulating on social media platforms, showing a group of people thrashing two men who were tied to a tree. The video quickly gained attention, accompanied by claims that Bajrang Dal activists and cow vigilantes were responsible for the attack. The incident allegedly took place in Aherwadi village, Solapur district, Maharashtra.

Fact-Finding Mission:

To ascertain the veracity of the claims made in the viral video, fact-checkers at D-Intent Data delved into the incident by examining multiple sources and gathering relevant information. They cross-referenced the video with credible news reports and official statements.

Findings and Clarifications:

1. Police Investigation: Reports confirm that the police have taken the incident seriously and registered cases against 16 individuals for assaulting the two men. Additionally, a separate case was filed against six people, including the two men seen in the video, for killing a cow.

2. Misleading Claims: The viral video was intentionally circulated by hate propaganda accounts with the aim of spreading religious hate and misinformation. Several accounts, including @manishkumarttp targeted a specific community by presenting a one-sided narrative.

To verify the facts surrounding this incident, D-Intent Data relied on reputable sources. One such source was ETV Bharat, which reported on the incident in detail, highlighting the police investigation and the cases filed against the individuals involved.


The circulation of misleading videos of cow vigilantes attack and false claims on social media can have severe consequences, including the promotion of hate and the incitement of communal tensions. In this case, D-Intent Data’s fact-checking process helped uncover the truth behind the viral video. It is essential for individuals to critically analyze the content they encounter on social media platforms, and for society as a whole to recognize the importance of reliable and accurate information.

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