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FACT: Man in Burqa at Dharwad Bus Stop Sparks Misinformation Online
Fact Check

FACT: Man in Burqa at Dharwad Bus Stop Sparks Misinformation Online

As journalists dedicated to the pursuit of truth, it is important to delve into the world of viral tweets, images, and videos to separate fact from fiction. In this blog, we aim to shed light on a recent incident involving a man in burqa spotted at a bus stop in the Dharwad district of Karnataka. While some users claim that the man belongs to a minority community, we have conducted fact-checking using D-Intent Data to provide accurate information.

The Misleading Tweets:

Let’s address the misleading tweets that have been circulating on social media. One user, @IAMSONIYA787, posted a video with a false claim about the man in burqa. Another user, @K2Kumari, joined in and perpetuated the misinformation. Additionally, @_k_rajput and @DPharji added their own tweets, further spreading the false narrative.

Fact-Checking the Claims:

To get to the truth of the matter, we accessed reliable information from India Today, a reputable news source. According to an India Today report, the man’s name is Veerabhadraiah Mithapati and he actually belongs to the Hindu community. It turns out that he was wearing the burqa as part of a scheme called the Karnataka Government’s Shakti Yojna, which provides free bus tickets. This information starkly contrasts with the narrative being circulated on social media.

Probing the Intent:

What is the motive behind these misleading claims of man in burqa? It appears that some users have a biased religious agenda, aiming to fan the flames of discord by targeting a particular community. These false claims not only create unnecessary tension among different religious groups but also damage the trust we have in social media as a platform for accurate information. D-Intent Data, a tool that analyzes the intent behind viral content, can help us uncover the motivations behind such misleading claims.

By analyzing the profiles of the users who spread these false narratives, we can identify patterns in their behavior that may reveal their intentions. D-Intent Data can show us if these users have a history of spreading misinformation or if they are part of a larger network with a specific agenda.

By relying on credible sources and using tools like D-Intent Data, we can ensure that the information we consume is accurate and reliable.


Misleading claims have the potential to create division and mistrust within communities. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to be vigilant and question the information we encounter on social media. By leveraging tools like D-Intent Data and relying on reputable sources, we can combat misinformation and promote a more informed and united society. Let us continue to fact-check and verify information to build a stronger and more trustworthy digital community.

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