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Debunking False Claims: Unraveling the Truth Behind a Viral Child Trafficking Video

A distressing video circulating on social media claims to capture child traffickers selling children, showing them bound and unconscious. However, a longer version of the video includes a disclaimer stating it is entirely fictional and created for awareness purposes. This blog aims to expose the truth behind the viral video, shed light on its scripted nature, and address the concerning intent of social media influencers spreading panic without verification.

Fact: Scripted Video for Awareness:

Upon investigation, it has been revealed that the video in question is scripted and explicitly states that it has no connection to any real incident. The purpose behind its creation is to raise awareness about child trafficking, using fictional scenarios to capture attention and engage viewers.

Intent: Spreading Panic and Misinformation:

The alarming trend emerges when social media influencers and NRI accounts share these old, scripted videos without proper verification. By doing so, they contribute to the dissemination of false claims, aiming to create panic among people in the country. Such actions without fact-checking are indeed “terrifying” and can have serious consequences.


The viral video depicting child trafficking, with children bound and unconscious, is a scripted production designed for awareness purposes only. The intention of spreading panic and misinformation through social media influencers and unverified NRI accounts is concerning. It is crucial to approach such content with caution, verify information, and promote responsible sharing to prevent unnecessary panic and uphold the integrity of online information.

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