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Fact-Check: Haris Rauf Verbal Altercation in Florida – The Man is Pakistani, Not Indian

A video of Pakistani cricket player Haris Rauf involved in a verbal altercation with a man in Florida, USA has gone viral on social media platforms. The incident happened when the cricketer was walking with his wife and someone threw an offensive comment at him. Several Pakistani accounts have shared the visuals from the incident and claimed that the individual who made abusive or disrespectful remarks against Haris Rauf was an Indian. The man who misbehaved with Pakistani cricketer Haris Rauf is not Indian but Pakistani.

Haris Rauf verbal altercation Florida

False Claims Spread by Pakistanis Regarding Haris Rauf Verbal Altercation in Florida

Several Pakistani accounts including journalists, cricketers and Influencers have shared the video and projected that the man who misbehaved with Haris Rauf was an Indian.

A Pakistani self-proclaimed journalist Arfa Feroz Zake has made a post on X(Formerly Twitter) and said “Indian fan passed inappropriate remarks on the family and parents which forced Haris Rauf to react!Indeed no person can stay calm when inappropriate comments are passed on his family.” The post is available here (Archived)

Another Pakistani account @Rnawaz31888 known for spreading false propaganda against India has also shared the video and said. “An indian disrespects Haris Rauf when he was with his wife in USAShamelessness at its peak”. The post is available here ( archived)

Another self-proclaimed journalist from Pakistan “Farid khan” known for engagement farming on X(Formerly Twitter) has also posted the visuals and said. “Was that an Indian fan? Haris Rauf clearly saying he’s an Indian, that fan misbehaved and trolled him. It’s not done. This matter should be checked”. The post is available here (archived).

Pakistan wicket keeper and batsman Mohammad Rizwan has also made a post on X(formerly Twitter) and said. “It is irrelevant whether the person who disrespected Haris Rauf was from Pakistan or India. What truly matters is that this individual lacked values and manners. No one has the right to disrespect any human being, especially in front of their family members. Such appalling behaviour must be stopped. Values like tolerance, respect, and compassion are increasingly rare commodities”. The post can be accessed here (Archived).

Several other users, influencers and propaganda accounts from Pakistan have shared the visuals and made similar claims. Their posts can be seen here SaithHamzamir (archived), uroojjawed12 (archived).

Truth Behind Haris Rauf Verbal Altercation in Florida | Analysis and Fact-

The video that shows Pakistan cricket player Haris Rauf Involved in a scuffle with an individual in Florida has gone viral on social media platforms. The video shows Haris Rauf, who was having a stroll around the city with his wife, lost his cool at the man, who must’ve said something to him, which the Pakistan pacer didn’t like or agree with.

As Rauf ran towards the man to attack him. a few people stopped him from doing so. Even Rauf’s wife tried stopping him, but the star pacer manager to free himself from her grasp. Rauf and the man exchanged a few expletives, but the people around them stopped the duo from hitting each other. NDTV sports report.

In the viral video Haris Rauf said, “Indian hoga (he must be Indian)”, the fan reacted by saying Pakistani hoon (I am Pakistani). There are no reports of an Indian man being involved in the incident and the video of the incident is available here (Archived).

Hence, there is no involvement of an Indian man in the incident and the Pakistanis attempted to shift blame on the Indians.

Intent Behind the false claims

Pakistan-based propaganda accounts, influencers, self-proclaimed journalists and cricketers have shared false claims about the incident involving Haris Rauf in Florida, USA and setting their narrative against Indians.


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