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Sensitive Video From Delhi
Fact Check

FACT CHECK: Misleading Video Circulating on Social Media – Knife Attack Incident Actually from Delhi, Not Uttar Pradesh

A disturbing and sensitive video has been shared on various social media platforms specially on Twitter making false claims, the video shows sensitive activities a man attacks another man with a knife, and users made false claims about the video and circulated it on social media platforms. The sensitive video from Delhi was shared as Uttar Pradesh.

The video making rounds with false claims

A sensitive video has been shared claiming to be from Uttar Pradesh, the video shows a man attacking another man with a knife in front of a bookshop named “Gagan Book Depot” while people are also present there, however, the bystanders tried to save the victim but it was too late as he was stabbed multiple times. Sharing the video a user said “What’s happening in Uttar Pradesh, People open your eyes, UP police please take action, I wish they could have stopped him sooner.

Sensitive Video From Delhi

Research, Analysis and Fact

Upon research, we found several reports regarding the video suggesting it to be from Delhi not from Uttar Pradesh. According to the reports (Archived ) this sensitive video is from the Tigri area of South Delhi where a 21 years old boy namely Yusuf Ali was stabbed to death by the accused Shahrukh over a money dispute. According to reports the accused and the deceased knew each other. The deceased borrowed Rs 3,000 from the accused in the last month. The accused had asked the deceased for the money multiple times and they had arguments about the same on Muharram. They fought over the same issue on August 2 in which the accused attacked the deceased. The accused was also beaten up by the public. The Uttar Pradesh police fact check team also did a fact check about the post that can be accessed here (Archived).


Misinformation propaganda accounts circulate sensitive videos from Delhi claiming to be from Uttar Pradesh to target the government and administration to set their narrative.


Claim- The video showing a man being stabbed to death is from Uttar Pradesh.

Fact- This video is from the Tigri area of South Delhi, not from Uttar Pradesh.

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