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Fact-Check: Muslim Man Beaten in West Bengal – Debunking Viral Claims About Cow Slaughter

A recent viral video claiming a Muslim man beaten in West Bengal for cow slaughter on Eid al-Adha requires a thorough fact-check. The incident, which occurred in Birbhum district, has been shared with misleading information about the cause of the assault. This fact-check aims to clarify the circumstances surrounding the event and provide accurate information.

Video of the incident where Muslim Man Beaten in West Bengal disseminated with misleading claims

A sensitive video of a mob thrashing an individual has gone viral on social media platforms with the claim that a Muslim man was brutally attacked for slaughtering a cow in West Bengal’s Birbhum.

Muslim Man Beaten in West Bengal disseminated with misleading claims

A Bangladesh-based anti-India propaganda account named Faryal Sikder (@FaryalBD) on X(Formerly Twitter) has shared the video and said. “A Muslim youth named Tufan Sheikh was brutally beaten up on Eid-ul-Azha in West Bengal’s Birbhum. He was accused of slaughtering cows on Eid. So much hatred against Muslims in India.” The post can be accessed here (Archived).

Muslim Man Beaten in West Bengal Fact-Check: Unraveling the Truth Behind Viral Claims

According to Hindustan Times Bangla. A man named Tufan Sheikh was beaten up on the allegations of dropping cow meat in multiple temple premises. The report says, Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Shantanu Hazra told the media, ‘Beef has been dumped in some temple premises in Margram. I will not go into the debate whether it was dropped intentionally or unintentionally. It hurt the Hindu sentiments, also the administration is targeting Hindus and not taking FIRs. Their complaints are not being heard. So Vishwa Hindu Parishad came to give a memorandum to SDPO. He assured us of legal cooperation. He promised, such an incident will not happen again. The report is available here (Archived).

He not only slaughtered the cow but also dumped the cow meat on the multiple temple premises and the angry locals caught him and beat him up.


Bangladesh-based anti-India propaganda accounts are circulating sensitive videos with misleading claims to set their narrative against India based on religion.


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