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FACTCHECK: A group of over 30 people attacked a stall belonging to a Christian non-profit at the WorldBookFair in PragatiMaidan, NewDelhi.

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT: People in Delhi Pragati Maidan World Bok Fair protested against a stall where religious books were being distributed free, The stall was being run by a Christian non-profit organisation named Gideon International. The Gideons organization was begun in 1899 by two traveling salesmen with a heart for evangelism with goal of putting a Bible in every hotel room in the United States starting in 1908. Same Gideons International In India got Rs 171 Cr for social purpose, misused it for Church planting and conversions by defaming/ maligning Hindus, forced kids to read Bible in schools.“We checked the area as well, no books were torn. The group had only protested and was soon removed. There was no disruption or violence.The Gideons don’t wish to file a complaint and said the matter was sorted,” said an officer. No books were torn and no violence was witnessed.

INTENT: Religious hate propaganda spreaders sharing news with false claim to create communal disharmony between religious groups.



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