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FACTCHECK:”Christian brutally attacked by Hindu mob in India amid rising trend of mob lynchings”

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT: A old video is being circulated on social media with misleading claim in which a group of young boys can be seen thrashing a guy in public. Video was earlier shared in December 2022 claiming that Dalit guy was beaten up because of his identity now same video is being circulated with the claim that Hindus are beating Christian man. The victim guy(not Christian) Alpesh Parmar was in one sided love with a girl,met her multiple times,upon rejection he started stalking and made some offensive comments on social media when the girl had gone to a temple and made her visit live. Parmar got to know through live telecast and stalked her. The girl called up her friends who thrashed Parmar,” a police officer said, adding the girl herself told the cops that she was being “stalked”. police action had been taken against all the accused. Video is over 3 months old . Neither the person is Christian and nor was innocent. First, so called Dalit activists, media outlets connected the personal fight with caste.The incident took place on December 11, 2022 at Bhayli village under the Vadodara taluka police station area.

INTENT: Anti India gang spreading old out of context misleading video with false claim to target India and hiding the crime of a stalker.



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