#Factcheck-claim”ex-IAS officer is accused for voilence with domestic help”

024 Analysis: True Fact:The police rescued a woman working as a domestic helper at the home of an ex-IAS officer, whose family allegedly tortured her, breaking her teeth and burning her with hot utensils. She is being treated at RIMS after being rescued by police.


The Ranchi police have rescued a 29-year-old woman working as a domestic help at the house of an ex-IAS officer whose family allegedly tortured her. The woman is getting treatment at a hospital, and the police registered a case. 

The victim has been identified as Sunita who accused Seema Patra — the wife of the ex-IAS officer and a BJP politician — of breaking her teeth with an iron rod. She said the woman burned her with hot utensils and thrashed her regularly. 

She, however, said Patra’s son would try to save her from his mother and she is alive because of him. 

She alleged Patra had kept her confined in a room and didn’t give her food and water. 

After police rescue, she is undergoing treatment in RIMS. 

Doctors told Hindustan the woman was in a delipidated condition and it would take some days for her to come back to normal. 

The police said they would register her statement after treatment. 

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