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FACTCHECK: Jain university students draws flak for Insulting Babasaheb


FACT: A short video clip of skit from Bengaluru is being circulated, The skit was staged as part of the Mad Ads competition during the Jain University Youth Fest 23. As seen in the video, students allegedly referred to Ambedkar in an offensive manner According to university this was part of a 6-7 minute skit presented,initial few minutes had some inappropriate content, in the last minute,students gave an explanation on the importance of Ambedkar,him being the father of Indian Constitution,his works.They concluded right Only the first portion of the skit was circulated on social media.The management has not appreciated whatever was used & reprimanded the students.Disciplinary action has been initiated.

INTENT: Hate spreaders sharing “out of context” video part to create disharmony



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