Several media channels are promoting misinformation about Kashmir’s youth having a drug problem.

A thread highlighting some key points and government efforts- The German media’s sensationalization of the kashmir drug crisis is nothing more than an attempt to conceal their own internal drug problem.

Country like Pakistan has been giving narcotics to Kashmir’s youngsters for decades. Recently With the arrest of a schoolgirl residing near the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir, security forces have broken a Pakistan ISI-run drugs trafficking network.

A report by NDTV:

Goverment is actively involved in launching awareness event one such department is, The Ramban Department of Drug and Food Control Organization which launched an awareness event in September 2022 under the “Nasha Mukt Jammu & Kashmir Abhiyan” and “Say No to Self Medication.”

Many youth Society is also actively involved in organising awareness event one such is, the ‘All JK Youth Society’ they organised a drug awareness session in a government girl’s school in Srinagar, with over 500 girls attending In March.

Several non-governmental organisations and the government are sponsoring cultural programmes for Kashmiri youth.
To make the drug-free Kashmir campaign more successful, the Virus group performed a musical performance.

NYK Kathua organised a two-day Cluster-Level Sports Tournament on the subject ‘No Drugs-No Rash Drive’ in GDC Mahanpur, J&K, to develop a sports culture among rural children.
Over 150 motivated kids from 24 teams competed in 05 sporting events.

The government is also doing remarkable work to educate young people about drug addiction. Launching a campaign, organising events, drug-addiction workshops, and many other activities in rural and urban regions.

The anti-India nexus and Pakistan-sponsored accounts are disseminating false information regarding drug addiction in Kashmir. As an example of such false and misleading news –

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