FACTCHECK:”India’s Female Labour Force Participation Plummets to 19% in 2021 Under Modi Government, New Data Reveals Troubling Trend”

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT:Fake news spreader Ashok Swain claimed that India’s female labour force participation was 32% in 2005, it has dropped to 19% in 2021.But fact is that female Labour Force Participation Rate has gone up to 25.1% in 2020-21 from 18.6% in 2018-19.Earlier in rural areas farmers income was not enough, but farmers income has increased in last decade. That’s why it was not mandatory for a housewife to do a job in rural areas. Involvement of technology in farming also influenced non involvement of rural housewives. In case of urban women, that rate increased through our last decade. Centre government plan encouraging many women to work and thats why from 2019 onwards even rural female labour force participation has increased. He is projecting the old figures of 2018-19 as 2021. He is deliberately comparing data of lockdown ,showing decline respectively, but in reality currently rate is increasing.

INTENT:Anti-India propaganda spreader Ashok Swain spreading out of context data as usual.




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