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False Claims Surface as Image of Napoli Celebrations Mistakenly Attributed to Manchester City

In the age of social media, misinformation spreads like wildfire, often fueled by users seeking their moment in the spotlight. A recent incident involving a misleading image shared by a Manchester City fan about Napoli Celebrations has once again highlighted the need for fact-checking and verification. This blog delves into the incident, exposing the misleading claims, highlighting the fact-checking efforts undertaken by D-Intent, and ultimately revealing the true intent behind the incident.

The Incident:

On the heels of Manchester City’s victory in the Champions League final, a tweet emerged claiming to show a crowded image from Manchester City’s treble parade. The user, @Azrei17, shared the image along with the hashtag #ChampionsLeagueFinal, attempting to connect the celebration to the football club’s recent success. However, upon closer inspection, it became evident that the shared image did not depict Manchester City’s celebrations at all.

Misleading Tweets:

The tweet in question, posted by @Azrei17, can be found at [1]. It quickly gained traction, attracting thousands of retweets and likes, as fans of Manchester City rejoiced at the supposed scene of their team’s triumph. However, a closer look at the image raised suspicions. It bore a striking resemblance to another famous footballing celebration—Napoli FC’s recent triumph in the Serie A.

Archived tweet

Fact-Checking by D-Intent:

Amidst the confusion caused by the misleading tweet, fact-checkers at D-Intent swiftly intervened to examine the authenticity of the claim. They found that the image in question, in fact, originated from Naples, Italy, and was captured during Napoli FC’s celebrations following their historic Serie A victory after a 33-year wait. The fact-checkers further clarified that the image had no connection whatsoever to Manchester City FC or its fans.

The fact-checking tweet by @fussballgeekz can be accessed at [2]. This tweet, backed by evidence and analysis, debunked the false claim, shedding light on the actual context and location of the image. By referring to the archived version of the tweet, readers can verify the facts for themselves.

The Intent Behind the Incident:

It becomes clear that the intention behind sharing this misleading image was to gain attention and spark engagement on social media. Users like @Azrei17 sought to leverage the excitement surrounding Manchester City’s victory in order to attract a larger audience. By associating an unrelated image with a popular football club’s success, they aimed to capitalize on the buzz and potentially gain followers or enhance their online presence.


In the era of rapidly shared information, fact-checking plays a crucial role in combating the spread of misinformation. The incident involving the misleading image falsely attributed to Manchester City’s treble parade serves as a reminder to scrutinize and verify claims before accepting them as truth. D-Intent’s swift fact-checking efforts, exemplified by @fussballgeekz, shed light on the truth behind the misleading tweet. By relying on reliable sources and conducting thorough investigations, we can protect ourselves from falling prey to falsehoods and ensure a more informed online community.

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