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Misleading Tweets Circulate Old Video, Falsely Linking Nantes Cathedral Fire to Ongoing France Riots

Misleading Tweets Circulate Old Video, Falsely Linking Nantes Cathedral Fire to Ongoing France Riots

In the age of social media, misinformation spreads like wildfire, often causing confusion and panic. Recently, a video of Nantes cathedral engulfed in flames started circulating with claims that protestors had set the church on fire during the ongoing #FranceRiots. However, a closer look reveals that the shared video is actually from 2020, and the incident had nothing to do with the recent unrest in France. Let’s delve into the misleading tweets, the fact-checking efforts by D-Intent, and the true intent behind this incident.

The Misleading Tweets:

Several Twitter users jumped on the bandwagon, sharing the video and linking it to the current unrest in France. Let’s examine some of the misleading tweets and their archived links:

1. User @meerfaisal01 shared the video with the false claim: “Nantes cathedral set on fire by protestors during #FranceRiots.” (Archived Link: [1])

2. User @AmritaRathodBJP tweeted the video, implying a connection to the ongoing unrest. (Archived Link: [2])

3. User @ajaychauhan41 also shared the video, further perpetuating the false narrative. (Archived Link: [3])

4. User @BattaKashmiri added to the misinformation by posting the video with misleading captions. (Archived Link: [4])

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Efforts:

Thankfully, organizations like D-Intent are committed to debunking misinformation and providing accurate information to the public. They meticulously fact-checked the misleading claims surrounding the Nantes cathedral fire incident. Here are some of their findings:

1. SwarajyaMag published an article explaining that the fire was caused by a 39-year-old asylum seeker from Rwanda who served as a warden at the church. He confessed to setting the blaze, and the incident was unrelated to the ongoing unrest in France. (Fact Check Link: [1])

2. ACI Africa, a reliable news source, reported on the confession of the Rwandan refugee responsible for the fire at Nantes cathedral. (Fact Check Link: [2])

3. D-Intent also shared a YouTube video discussing the incident and clarifying the misleading claims made on social media. (Fact Check Link: [3])

The Intent behind the Incident:

It is essential to understand the true intent behind the circulation of such misleading information. In this case, users were intentionally sharing old videos and falsely claiming their association with the ongoing #FranceRiots. Their motive seemed to be to create unrest and sow discord among the public.


Misleading Tweets:

1. Archived Link: [1]

2. Archived Link: [2]

3. Archived Link: [3]

4. Archived Link: [4]

Fact Checking Links:

1. Fact Check Link: [1]

2. Fact Check Link: [2]

3. Fact Check Link: [3]

By examining the France riots incident, misleading tweets, and subsequent fact-checking efforts, it becomes evident that the video of the Nantes cathedral fire was wrongly attributed to the ongoing France riots. It serves as a reminder to verify information before jumping to conclusions and spreading misinformation. Let us all strive to be responsible digital citizens by ensuring the accuracy of the content we share.

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