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Fact-Check: Video Of Norwegian Missile Targeting An old KNM Trondheim in Nordland Falsely Circulated as Yemen Houthis Target US destroyer ‘Mason’

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The US destroyer “Mason” is allegedly the target of Yemen Houthi forces, according to a video that has gone viral showing a missile destroying a warship....
Baba BanarasFact CheckWorld

Fact-Check: Old Video Of Protestors From Davis Cup 2009 Circulated as Palestine Supporters Protesting Against Israel’s Eurovision Participation in Sweden’s Malmo

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A video of a violent mob trashing police vehicles and public property has been uploaded, claiming to be from a recent demonstration against Israel’s Eurovision...
Fact Check

Video Of IDF Destroying The PIJ Rocket Manufacturing Facility in Gaza Falsely Linked To Haldwani Violence: Fact-Check 

According to a shared video of security forces in action, Civilians are allegedly being shot by police at their residents in Haldwani riots. @faridi_br claimed the same...
Fact CheckKashif Arsalaan

Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh — Centuries Old Mosque Demolished By non-Muslims? Fact-Check 

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It has been claimed that non-Muslims are destroying the mosque in Ujjain, based on a video that shows some people demolishing a centuries-old mosque building and...
Fact Check

Israel-Palestine Conflict- Old Video of IED Blast Destroying an Israeli Armored Vehicle in Jenin Viral With False Claims: Fact-Check

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A video purporting to be from the ongoing conflict between IDF and Hamas terrorists in Gaza has been circulated, showing an explosion destroying an armoured...
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