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Ajay ChauhanFact CheckWorld

Syrian Muslim Refugee Dragged Several Meters From a Car by a Turkish Muslim? Fact-Check 

A Turkish Muslim is alleged to have dragged a Syrian Muslim refugee several metres from a car in a frightening and sensitive video that has...
Ashok SwainFact Check

Israel-Palestine Conflict- Old Image Of Young Yemeni Girl Shot By a Houthi Sniper in Taiz Viral as Palestinian: Fact-Check

Editor D-Intent Data
According to a disturbing photo of a dead child being dragged, two Palestinian children were shot and killed by Israeli troops while going to fetch water....
Ajay ChauhanAzzat AlsaleemFact Check

Hindu Woman Dragged And Tortured in Pakistan? Fact-Check

Editor D-Intent Data
It has been claimed that a video depicting a helpless woman being dragged and subjected to torture is of a Hindu woman, who is being tortured in...
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