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Vaishali, Bihar— This Video Doesn’t Show Upper Caste Hindus Beating Low Caste Hindus: Fact-Check

Editor D-Intent Data
It has been claimed that miscreants are torturing innocent individuals based on a frightening video that shows a man screaming at them and hitting a...
Azzat AlsaleemFact Check

Old Image Of Sex Doll From Thailand Circulated as Woman Raped in Maldives: Fact-Check 

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A blurry photo of a human corpse lying on the ground has gone viral, accompanied by a fake story and a false claim about how a...
Fact Check

Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh— Police Tortured a Man at The Police Station When He Went To Submit an Application? Fact-Check

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There have been reports that Jalam Singh, a man, was subjected to torture by police at the police station when he went to submit a report...
Ajay ChauhanAzzat AlsaleemFact Check

Hindu Woman Dragged And Tortured in Pakistan? Fact-Check

Editor D-Intent Data
It has been claimed that a video depicting a helpless woman being dragged and subjected to torture is of a Hindu woman, who is being tortured in...
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