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Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh — Man Attacked By the BJP Workers For Voting For The Samajwadi Party Against the BJP? Fact-Check

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A video purporting to show a seriously injured man was attacked by BJP workers for supporting the Samajwadi Party instead of the BJP is doing...
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Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh— Police Tortured a Man at The Police Station When He Went To Submit an Application? Fact-Check

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There have been reports that Jalam Singh, a man, was subjected to torture by police at the police station when he went to submit a report...
Fact CheckWajid khan

Israel-Palestine Conflict — Jewish Soldiers in Gaza Prevented Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu From Going to Hospital? Fact-Check 

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It has been reported that injured Jewish soldiers in Gaza prevented Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu from visiting a hospital. The image, which depicts a group...
Fact CheckManish Kumar

Balangir, Odisha — Scuffle Between BJP Leaders in Odisha Falsely Linked To Madhya Pradesh: Fact-Check

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With the false impression that the two BJP leaders fought in Madhya Pradesh, a video of two politicians fighting during a rally has gone viral....
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