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Fact CheckWajid khan

Israel-Palestine Conflict — Jewish Soldiers in Gaza Prevented Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu From Going to Hospital? Fact-Check 

Editor D-Intent Data
It has been reported that injured Jewish soldiers in Gaza prevented Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu from visiting a hospital. The image, which depicts a group...
Dr. Sam YoussefFact Check

Israel-Palestine Conflict — Old Image of an Injured Israeli Soldier From Israel-Lebanon Border Resurfaced With False Claims: Fact-Check 

Editor D-Intent Data
An old image of a group of soldiers carrying an injured soldier has been shared as a recent image of a killed Paratroopers Brigade in...
Fact Check

Israel-Palestine Conflict— Israeli Soldier Admitted Israel Losing War in Gaza and Netanyahu Deceiving the People? Fact-Check

Editor D-Intent Data
Misleading claims are circulating about a video of an injured Israeli soldier, allegedly saying that after returning from Gaza, Israel is actually losing the war...
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