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Wayanad, Kerala—Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Inaugurated Chicken Shop at a Hindu Temple? Fact-Check 

It is said that a video of an old Hindu temple occupied by meat vendors originated in Wayanad, Kerala, the town where Congress leader Rahul Gandhi inaugurated a...
Fact Check

India’s First Book Village is in Maharashtra, Not Kerala, Shashi Tharoor’s Claims Debunked: Fact-Check 

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Shashi Tharoor, a Congress leader and member of parliament from Thiruvananthapuram, claimed that Kerala has India’s first and only Book Village. @ShashiTharoor tweeted “India’s first...
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Kerala — Muslim Girls Targeted An Elderly Hindu Woman For Entering a Bus Without Wearing a Burqa? Fact-Check

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There is a video that has gone viral that purports to show Muslim girls attacking an elderly Hindu woman for getting on a bus without...
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