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Unveiling the Incident: A Closer Look at the Tragic Encounter on the F-Train

In a recent and tragic encounter on the F-Train in Manhattan, a man named Jordan Neely lost his life. The international media immediately portrayed Neely as an innocent victim, but as the details unfold, it becomes evident that the situation is far more complex. This blog aims to shed light on the incident, revealing the untold truths surrounding the unfortunate event.

Fact: Neely’s Criminal History:

Contrary to the initial narrative, Jordan Neely was not the innocent victim that the media portrayed him to be. In fact, Neely had an extensive criminal history, with a staggering 42 arrests in the last decade alone. Just months before the incident, he assaulted a 67-year-old woman, further highlighting his propensity for violence. Eyewitnesses and police reports confirm that Neely was acting in a hostile and erratic manner, even threatening harm to fellow passengers.

The Encounter and its Consequences:

On that fateful day, Daniel Penny, an ex-Marine, found himself confronted by Neely’s disruptive behavior on the F-Train. Witnesses recall Neely shouting, expressing hunger and thirst, and his apparent disregard for the consequences of his actions. As Neely began throwing trash at passengers, Penny intervened from behind, employing a chokehold to restrain him. Tragically, the encounter resulted in Neely’s untimely death.

The Woke Media’s Distortion:

However, the media’s handling of the incident took an unexpected turn. Instead of objectively reporting the facts, they chose to hide Neely’s criminal past, thereby distorting the truth. By disregarding his history of violence, the media fueled a narrative that sought to portray the incident as a hate crime, injecting race and right-wing politics into the story. This deliberate misrepresentation of facts further obscures the real issues at hand.

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Uncovering the Hidden Agenda:

Behind the media’s biased coverage lies a disturbing trend. The incident on the F-Train is not an isolated case but rather a reflection of the larger problem of internal lawlessness within the United States. By diverting attention to issues of hate crime and political motivations, the media attempts to mask the underlying social and legal challenges plaguing the nation. It is imperative to see beyond the headlines and question the motives behind such misrepresentation.


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The tragic incident on the F-Train in Manhattan involving Jordan Neely and Daniel Penny is a stark reminder of the complexities that often surround these events. Neely’s criminal history and erratic behavior paint a different picture than the one initially presented by the media. It is essential to critically analyze the information provided to us and look beyond the sensationalized narratives that serve to further divide society. By seeking the truth, we can engage in meaningful discussions and address the systemic issues that truly matter.

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