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Israel-Palestine Conflict— Old Video Of Assad Militia Targeting Army Convoy Using Explosive Device in Syria, Falsely Being Linked To Hamas: Fact-Check

Just a few days ago, a video surfaced on social media, creating a stir among users during the Israel-Palestine Conflict. This video depicted an armed man recording from a moving vehicle as an explosion occurred in the background. The accompanying claims were alarming – it was being shared widely, alleging that Israel had targeted Hamas terrorists.

The video with these false claims quickly gained traction, spreading like wildfire on social media platforms. It was shared by multiple accounts, including @EretzIsrael, @OzraeliAvi, @wokeflix_, @FrontalForce and @RealBabaBanaras.

The Truth About The Video

Upon careful analysis, it becomes evident that the claims associated with this video are indeed misleading. The fact is that this video is not recent, nor does it have any connection to Israel or Hamas.

The video, dated back to 2019, originates from Syria. In this footage, the armed man records a scene from a moving vehicle, capturing an explosion in the background. However, this explosion was not an Israeli airstrike on Hamas militants. Instead, it was an incident in Syria where the Assad militia targeted an army convoy using an explosive device.

The Intent & The Conclusion

The intent behind such misinformation is concerning. By spreading this misleading video and connecting it to Israel, these accounts sought to exploit the tense situation in the Israel-Palestine conflict. This tactic was aimed at advancing their own narratives and adding fuel to the already complex situation in the region.

In this case, the video in question is a historical event from Syria, falsely linked to Israel and Hamas. Following a precise analysis and fact-checking, our team has reviewed the claim. You can refer to the findings of this inquiry in the Twitter thread below.

Claim: The video depicts Israel targeting Hamas terrorists.

Fact: The video is an old recording from Syria in 2019, showing the Assad militia targeting an army convoy. It has no connection to Israel or Hamas.

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