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Old Video Interview Of Iraqi MP Vian Dakhil Describes Cannibalism In ISIS Torture Camps Resurfaced as Israeli Woman: Fact-Check 

A woman’s interview on video has gone viral, purporting to show that terrorists from Hamas kidnapped an Israeli woman. After three days, the terrorists fed the woman some rice and meat and informed her that she had consumed her child’s meat.

Verified accounts on twitter, including INFIDEL FOR YOU (“@INFIDEL_FOR_YOU“) tweeted “This is an Israeli woman, who was taken hostage by Hamas terrorists. After this, even animals do not do what the terrorists did to this woman. Terrorists kept this woman hungry for 3 days. After 3 days, the terrorists gave this woman some rice and meat to eat. This woman was hungry so she ate everything. When the woman ate the food, the terrorists told the woman that the meat she had eaten was that of her child. You can guess from this how cruel and violent the Hamas terrorists are. Those who support Hamas terrorists are also terrorists who cannot even condemn such actions. It is surprising when the terrorist supporters who rejoice over the death of Israeli children talk about human rights today. Note: Please follow these accouts and get follow back @Atulya_Bharat1 @infidel_for_u @infidel_return“. The tweet was made on Dec 13, 2023, which has received an about 67.9k views on X.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

In actuality, the purported video was shot in 2017 while speaking with Iraqi Member of Parliament Vian Dakhil about women who had been abducted by the terrorist group Daesh. The remarks made in the video are unrelated to the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

An article by INDEPENDENT was published regarding the same incident on Nov 19, 2017, with the headline “Isis torture, child rape and cannibalism described by Iraqi MP”.

Vian Dakhil posted regarding this on June 29, 2017. We visited INDEPENDENT, where they mentioned that Yazidi politician Vian Dakhil is well-known for having been a key spokesperson for the horrors carried out by Isis against her people.

Check out the full video:

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Propagandists spreading fake out of context news to influence #IsraelPalestineConflict . After proper research, analysis and fact-checking, we have discovered that the claimed video was actually captured in 2017 while Iraqi Member of Parliament Vian Dakhil was discussing women who had been abducted by Daesh, a terrorist group. The conflict between Israel and Palestine has nothing to do with the statements made in the video.


Fact : The purported video was actually shot while speaking about women who were abducted by the terrorist group Daesh with Iraqi Member of Parliament Vian Dakhil in 2017. Regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict, the statements in the video are unrelated.

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