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Bengaluru, Karnataka — Videos Of Pro-Kannada Protest By Karnataka Rakshana Vedhike Circulated With Misleading Claims: Fact-Check

Unfounded allegations that Bhagwadharis, or Hindus, vandalised stores in Karnataka and were charged with stealing from multiple stores have been circulated alongside a video that depicts a group of men tearing down the signboard and posters of the shops and offices.‍

Verified accounts on twitter, including Kashif Arsalaan (“@KashifArsalaan“) tweeted “Saffron stripes vandalized in Karnataka, Accused of looting several shops.” on Dec 29, 2023. The tweet has received an about more than 4k views on X, contributing to the spread of the information.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

The truth is that these videos are from Karnataka Rakshana Vedhike’s pro-Kannada protest in Bengaluru.

Brut India (“@BrutIndia“) tweeted “What sparked the “Kannada vs. English” clash?” on Dec 28, 2023.

There is no religion that these protestors are advocating for or against. They are requesting posters and nameplates in the Kannada language, the local language. Religion has nothing to do with this incident.

The official account of Press Trust of India (“@PTI_News“) tweeted “VIDEO | Members of Karnataka Rakshana Vedike tear down posters in English on Bengaluru streets, warning commercial establishments to install billboards in Kannada.” on Dec 27, 2023.

We also visited Latestly, which published an article on this incident on Dec 27, 2023 with the headline “Karnataka Rakshana Vedika Tear Down English Posters, Demand Businesses to Use Kannada Billboards in Bengaluru (Watch Videos)”. Hindu also posted an article with the headline “Protest against not using Kannada in signboards turns to vandalism across Bengaluru”. These articles clarified the truth about this incident in detail and it shows that the claims made on the social media were not true at all.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Extremists are circulating videos with false claims to set their propaganda based on religion. Misleading claims have been made about Bhagwadharis (Hindus) vandalising shops in Karnataka and being accused of looting have been spread around a video that shows a group of men tearing down the signboard and posters of the shops and offices. But, after proper research, analysis and fact-checking, we have discovered that These videos are actually from Karnataka Rakshana Vedhike’s pro-Kannada protest in Bengaluru. They are not demonstrating in favour of or against any particular religion. Nameplates, signboards, and posters in the Kannada language are what they are requesting. There is no religious significance to this event.


Fact : These videos are from the Pro-Kannada protest in Bengaluru organised by Karnataka Rakshana Vedhike. These individuals are not protesting for or against any religion. They want nameplates, signs, and posters in Kannada. This is not a religious event.

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