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McDonald’s Stores Closed in Sri Lanka Over Poor Hygiene, Propagandists Linked To Israel-Palestine Conflict: Fact-Check 

Pro-Palestine accounts are spreading misinformation about McDonald’s stores closing in Sri Lanka due to a boycott campaign against their support for Israel.

Verified accounts on twitter, including @stairwayto3dom tweeted “KEEP BOYCOTTING!” on April 2, 2024. The tweet has received an about more than 7k views on X.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

The fact is that McDonald’s in Sri Lanka did not close due to the boycott. This has nothing to do with the Israeli-Palestine conflict. They were closed due of inadequate cleanliness and poor hygiene.

We visited Hindustan Times, which published an article on this incident on March 25, 2024 with the headline “McDonald’s stores closed in Sri Lanka over poor hygiene: What we know so far”. According to  the Commercial High Court of Colombo, it has been ordered that the stores to be closed till April 14. The article added “The stores will be closed till April 14, the Commercial High Court of Colombo ordered after the parent company accused local franchise holder of failing to meet international hygiene standards.”.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Propagandists are circulating false claims about McDonald’s stores in Sri Lanka to set their propaganda over the conflict in the Middle East. Pro-Palestine accounts are circulating news with a misleading claim that McDonald’s stores closed in Sri Lanka due to a boycott campaign against their support of Israel.
The truth is that McDonald’s in Sri Lanka did not close because of the boycott. This is unrelated to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They closed due to poor hygiene.


Fact : Fact is, McDonald’s in Sri Lanka was not closed cause of the boycott. This has nothing to do with the Israel-Palestine conflict. They were closed because of poor hygiene.

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