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Debunking Misleading Claims: The Truth Behind the Kedarnath Temple Gold Transformation Controversy
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Debunking Misleading Claims: The Truth Behind the Kedarnath Temple Gold Transformation Controversy

In recent days, social media has been abuzz with a video claiming that the gold plating inside the sanctum sanctorum of the revered Kedarnath temple has mysteriously transformed into brass. This video, shared by multiple users, has sparked widespread speculation and concern among devotees. However, a closer examination of the facts and an investigation by D-Intent reveals that these claims are baseless and misleading. In this blog, we will delve into the incident, dissect the misleading tweets, explore the fact-checking process undertaken by the Shri Badri-Kedarnath Temple Committee (BKTC), and ultimately shed light on the true intent behind this incident.

The Incident: 

A video allegedly showing the transformation of the gold plating inside the sanctum sanctorum of the Kedarnath temple began circulating on social media platforms. The video quickly gained traction, with many expressing shock and questioning the authenticity of the gold used in the temple. The claims made in the video asserted that the gold plating, valued at ₹125 crore, had mysteriously turned into brass.

Misleading Tweets:

  1. The first misleading tweet, posted by user Pooja Bhardwaj (@POOJA_BHARDWAJ1), shared the video in question along with a provocative caption. The tweet insinuated that the gold inside the Kedarnath temple had been tampered with, casting doubts on the temple committee’s integrity. Tweet link Archived
  2. Another tweet contained a YouTube video link allegedly supporting the claim of the gold transformation. The video aimed to amplify the doubts and concerns surrounding the temple’s sanctity. Archived
  3. Additionally, a screenshot of News24, which cannot be directly accessed, was shared in the thread. The screenshot implied that a news outlet had reported on the incident, further fueling the controversy.

Fact Checking by D-Intent: 

A screenshot of a tweet by D-Intent Data (@dintentdata) revealing the press note from the Shri Badri-Kedarnath Temple Committee refuting the claims of gold transformation in the Kedarnath temple. The tweet includes a statement from the committee and mentions legal action against spreading misinformation.

Amidst the growing misinformation, the Shri Badri-Kedarnath Temple Committee promptly released a press note to address the false claims circulating on social media. The committee clarified that the video and associated claims were entirely baseless and misleading. According to the press note, a total of 23,777.800 grams of gold, valued at ₹14.38 crore, has been installed in the sanctum sanctorum of the Shri Kedarnath Temple with the assistance of a generous donor. The committee also stated that the total weight of copper plates used was 1,001.300 kgs, valued at ₹29 lakh. The committee further emphasized that legal action would be taken against those responsible for spreading misinformation.

The Complete Intent:


Upon thorough investigation, it becomes apparent that the intent behind this incident was to spread false information and defame the Shri Badri-Kedarnath Temple Committee. The misleading tweets and video aimed to undermine the committee’s credibility and create doubt among the devotees. By distorting facts and presenting them out of context, those behind this incident sought to generate controversy and tarnish the reputation of the revered temple.


In the age of social media, it is crucial to exercise caution and critically evaluate the information we come across. The Kedarnath Temple gold transformation controversy serves as a reminder of the need for fact-checking and responsible sharing of information. As demonstrated by the swift response of the Shri Badri-Kedarnath Temple Committee and the diligent fact-checking conducted by D-Intent, we must strive for accuracy and objectivity to combat the proliferation of misleading claims. It is through such efforts that we can uphold the truth and protect the sanctity of revered institutions like the Kedarnath temple.

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