FACTCHECK: “Girls at Tamil Nadu Tribal School Reject North Indian Patriarchy: Protest Against School Uniform Dupattas”

544 ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT: A video is being circulated in which girl students can be seen throwing their dupattas from the classroom. Anti-India lobby is sharing video with false claim that these students are throwing their dupatta in protest against school uniform,because they think it is North Indian and patriarchal.Fact is that “Dupatta Podunga Doshi” a book written by writer Geetha Ilangovan, has been given to the students by charity organization ‘Aware India’.When they Saw the writer of the book Geetha Ilangovan with other membersof the organization in school campus, they threw away dupattas in the excitement to show love and respect for them. Nothing to do with North Indian, Caste or religion. If you watch the video carefully, you will see different colored dupattas,so those are not part of uniformWe visited Aware India’s instgram account, found the video on timeline. They posted the video and said “Wear dupatta friend teacher Geetha Ilangovan, the Kalvarayan tribe welcomes her with dupatta.”

INTENT:Anti-India Ashok Swain and his lobby spreading out of context video.






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