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False News: 24-Year-Old Man Dies After Police Interrogation
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Fact Check: No Evidence of 24-Year-Old’s Death During Police Interrogation in Chennai Theft Case

In recent times, social media has become a double-edged sword, where information can spread rapidly, sometimes leading to misunderstandings and misinformation. One such incident that caught the attention of netizens was the unfortunate death of a 24-year-old man after police interrogation in Chennai. However, as we delve deeper into the incident, we will uncover the misleading links and the intent behind spreading false information.

The Incident in Detail

According to reports, the young man, who had a history of criminal activities, died after being interrogated by the police in connection with a theft case in MGR Nagar, Chennai. However, certain accounts on social media, driven by caste-based hatred propaganda, have attempted to twist the narrative. These accounts portray the incident as a case of police interrogation and torture or custodial death. This misleading portrayal aims to incite negative sentiments against the administration.

As per reliable sources, after the interrogation, the man was returning home when he complained of difficulty breathing and chest pain. He was taken to the Corporation Hospital, where doctors treated him for gastric problems and later allowed him to leave. Tragically, after reaching home, he suffered from an epileptic attack. His family rushed him to the ESI Hospital at KK Nagar, but the doctors declared him dead upon arrival.

The Fact Checking

Amid the chaos caused by the misleading links, fact-checking organizations like D-Intent have stepped in to verify the information. D-Intent conducted a thorough investigation into the incident to bring clarity to the situation.

According to their findings, the incident was indeed related to the man’s pre-existing health condition, and there was no evidence of police torture or custodial death. The doctors’ reports from the Corporation Hospital and the ESI Hospital also corroborated this fact.

The Intention Behind Misleading Links

The misleading links shared on social media platforms had a clear intention – to fuel caste-based hatred and to target the administration unfairly. These accounts took advantage of the tragic incident to create a false narrative that suits their agenda.


The untimely death of the 24-year-old man is undoubtedly a tragic incident. However, it is essential to rely on verified information and avoid falling prey to misleading links and propaganda. Social media can be a powerful tool for spreading both genuine and false news, and it is our responsibility as users to verify and share information responsibly.

Let us remember that misinformation not only affects the reputation of individuals and institutions but also has a significant impact on society. By being vigilant and critical consumers of information, we can contribute to a healthier digital space where facts are valued over sensationalism.

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