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Thenkasi, Tamil Nadu— An Ancient Hindu Temple Recently Converted To a Mosque with The Help of The Government? Fact-Check 

A video purporting to show a religious location in Thenkasi, Tamil Nadu, has gone viral, claiming that a historic Hindu temple has been assisted by...
Fact Check

State President Of BJP Tamil Nadu K. Annamalai Distributes Money To Voters During Election Campaign? Fact-Check 

Editor D-Intent Data
A video purporting to show BJP State President of Tamil Nadu K. Annamalai distributing money to voters during an election campaign has gone viral. Verified...
Fact Check

Tamilnadu, India — “Fertility Ritual” Where Women Eat Food From The Floor, No Cow Dung: Fact-Check

There is a video that has gone viral that purports to show women eating cow dung while they are kneeling down and eating from the ground with...
Ajay ChauhanDeepak SharmaFact Check

Old Video Of BJP Councilor Beating Policeman in Meerut Resurfaced as DMK MLA Beating Policeman in Tamilnadu: Fact-Check 

Editor D-Intent Data
According to a video that has gone viral, Mansur Mohammad, a DMK MLA from Tamil Nadu, beat a police inspector who was on duty. The...
Dalit Times | दलित टाइम्सFact CheckNews24The Dalit Voice

Karur, Tamilnadu– Students Belonging to Most Backwards Class Skipped Breakfast Cooked By Dalit Woman, Distorted Claims Propagated

Editor D-Intent Data
A few days ago in Karur, Tamil Nadu, a sad incident took place in a government school under the Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme due to...
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