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Lahore Man Rape Daughter domestic dispute AK-47
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Lahore, Pakistan — Man Tried To Kill His Wife With AK-47 Over Domestic Dispute, Propagandists Claim He Tried To Rape His Daughter: Fact-Check

Yesterday, a sensitive video circulated on social media, alleging a scary incident. The video showed a man torturing a girl and claiming that he tries to rape his own daughter in Lahore, Pakistan. The situation escalated as the man reportedly aimed an AK-47 at both his daughter and wife. However, a fact-check investigation reveals a different narrative.

The fake news was spread on social media by various accounts. The main ones are the same regular fake news spreaders like @MrSinha_, @JY_OT_Ji_, @OsintUpdates, @Zaira_Nizaam, @ShaliniKumawat0, @RoseTint4, @Sudhir_mish and @EshaSanju15, Azzat Alsalem (“@AzzatAlsaalem“), @ReaActuelle

Did The Man from Lahore Tries To Rape His Daughter?

Contrary to the misleading claims, initial reports confirm that the man did not try to rape his daughter. Instead, he engaged in a violent fight with his wife, ultimately trying to kill her with an AK-47 rifle during a household dispute. The incident took place in the South Cantonment area of Lahore. Family members interfered to prevent a tragedy, saving the wife’s life.

Police Action

The South Cantonment police registered a case against the accused, identified as Khurram Shabbir. He was arrested, and legal proceedings have been formed against him. The Lahore Police too denied any sort of rape attempt by the man on his daughter. The video, which had gone viral on social media, played a pivotal role in identifying the perpetrator and providing swift action by law enforcement.

Lahore Police took to their official Twitter account to clarify the situation. They stated that Case No. 3426/23 was registered at the South Cantonment police station. The incident was said to be a domestic dispute, during which the husband, Khurram Shabbir, tried to use a Kalashnikov on his wife. Thanks to the intervention of relatives, the wife’s life was spared. Lahore Police reasserted their commitment to investigating the case totally.


In conclusion, the disturbing video from Lahore that circulated on social media with false claims of a man tried to rape his daughter is unfounded. The truth is that a domestic dispute between a husband and wife led to a violent confrontation, during which the husband attempted to kill his wife with an AK-47. You can refer to the findings of this inquiry in the Twitter thread embedded below. You can also read articles by local news outlets for clarity, [archive], [archive] and

Claim: A man in Lahore tries to rape his daughter

Fact: In Lahore, the man engaged in a household dispute and tried to kill his wife with the AK-47, however, there is no evidence to support the claim that the man tried to rape his daughter.

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