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Israel-Palestine Conflict – Old Video Of Girl Burnt Alive in Guatemala Falsely Claimed Hamas Terrorists tortured Israeli Girl: Fact-Check

In the midst of the ongoing conflict between Israel and the militant Islamist group Hamas, the lynching of a 16-year-old young Israeli woman being burned by a “Palestinian mob” has gone viral.

Claiming to be an Israeli woman who was kidnapped and killed by Hamas terrorists, a disturbing video of a girl being burnt alive in front of a crowd is being shared by a lot of users on the social media.

Verified twitter users, including Eli Dror “@edrorma” tweeted about the incident during the Israel- Palestine conflict.

Truth about the video:

The incident in question actually happened at a community in Guatemala’s Rio Bravo municipality, which is located in Central America. It took place in the state of Suchitepequez at Rio Bravo, a small village two hours west of Guatemala City. The incident actually took place in the year of 2015.

A debate concerning what some refer to as vigilante justice in Guatemala has been sparked by the startling scene from a village that went viral on the internet.

The article from CNN gives an overview regarding the incident about the girl who got killed near Guatemala.

The horrifying video of the incident, shows the girl being punched and stomped by a huge group of vigilantes before being set on fire.The girl is seen stabbing with blood streaming down her face in the opening scene of the video that went viral on YouTube and other Guatemala media websites, allegedly depicting the teen’s death in Rio Bravo. One of the group douses the little girl in gasoline and lights her on fire after the beating. A sizable gathering of people standing shoulder to shoulder observes as men and women kick her head and slam her face into the ground. A few people in the crowd use their cellphones to capture the event. Nobody intervenes to douse the flames.

According to reports, she was allegedly a member of the group that murdered a taxi driver. She alongwith two other men were involved in this. The girl was taken hostage by some neighbours, who then attacked her, while the two men—one of whom is thought to have fired the fatal shot—left the scene of the crime.

Following her accusation of killing a taxi driver, a 16-year-old girl in Guatemala was set upon by a lynch mob and killed by burning.

D-Intent Data verified the misleading news widely spread on the social media and reported that the claim made by the users is not true.


Old videos from Central America are being circulated by social media influencers and intellectuals to propagate false information about #Israel_under_attack.


Claim: It has been claimed in the sensitive video that an Israeli woman was captured and killed by Hamas terrorists while being burned alive in front of a crowd.

Fact: The video, which depicts a young woman being burned alive by a mob, originates from Guatemala and has nothing to do with Hamas terrorists and Israeli women.

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