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Fact Check

Israel-Palestine — Old Video Of Singapore-registered Cargo ship “MV X-Press Pearl From Sri Lanka Resurfaced With False Claims: Fact-Check 

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A fake account purporting to be the spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces circulated a picture of a burning ship and stated that the drone...
Ali SohrabFact CheckKashif Arsalaan

Israel-Palestine Conflict — Yemeni Houthi Organization Captured an Indian Ship Loaded With Cows? Fact-Check 

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The Yemeni Houthi Organisation is said to have captured an Indian ship carrying cows and mistaken it for an Israeli ship, according to a video...
Dr. Sam YoussefFact Check

Israel-Palestine Conflict- Old Video Of Cleopatra Passenger Ship Circulated as Yemeni Missiles Hit Israeli Ship: Fact-Check

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A photo of a burning ship has gone viral, with the claim that an Israeli ship was hit by a Yemeni cruise missile today. Verified...
Fact CheckSadaf Afreen صدف

Israel-Palestine Conflict- Old Image Of Iranian Navy Ship Catches Fire and Sinks in Gulf of Oman Resurfaced as Israeli Ship: Fact-Check

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An Iranian drone is said to have targeted an Israeli ship that is burning in the middle of the water, according to a ship image...
Fact Check

Israel-Palestine Conflict- Old Video Of Men in Uniform Capturing a Ship Resurfaced With False Claims: Fact-Check

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According to a video that has gone viral, Yemenis have taken control of an Israeli cargo ship. The video shows armed men in uniform capturing...
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